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Learning Resource Center (Library)

SUSCC Library serves the Wadley, Opelika, and Valley campuses.


Library Usage Policies 

     Library materials are checked out to students and employees on all three campus locations using the automated circulation system Auto-Graphics (AG) by Agent. Students must provide a Southern Union Student Identification Card (Student ID Card) to circulate materials in the collection. 

     Books from the general stacks circulate for four weeks with a two (2) renewal
limit. Each renewal period is limited to two weeks unless a hold has been placed by
another patron.

     Reserve materials are materials kept behind the circulation desk at the request of
instructors or by the librarian. Materials may or may not circulate as directed by the instructor or determined by the librarian. Materials not placed on hold by instructors circulate for a three (3) day period. 

     Any item not held on the main campus of a student can be requested from another
campus. A waiting period of two business days is necessary for courier service
delivery. The LRC will hold material requested from another campus for three business
days after arrival. 

     Reference books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, and special collections
materials do not circulate outside of the library. A copy machine is available for copies
for $.10 a copy at the expense of the user.

     All materials must be returned by the last class day prior to final exams. Any
item(s) not returned or accounts with an outstanding fine(s) will results in a hold placed on the student’s school account. Grades, transcripts, and registration access will be held until all obligations to the library is met.

     Faculty/Staff can charge out materials for the length of one Semester, but are
urged to return them promptly when not needed. Materials may be recalled after two
weeks if requested by a patron. 

     All materials should be returned by the last day of class. Any items that are not returned, students will be charged the cost to replace the item up to $65 per item as well as a hold placed on the student's account. Grades, transcripts, and registration will be held until all obligations to the library are met.

     The library must be reimbursed for all lost or damage material. Faculty, students, and any library patron will be held financially responsible for any material checked out to them and lost or damaged beyond use.

     Patrons losing any item shall pay the cost to replace the item up to $65.


      Printing or copying of materials are available at all libraries. Black and white copies are $.10 per page and color copies are $.25 per page. Duplex copies (front and back) are counted as two (2) copies and will be $.20 (b/w) or $.50 (color). The copier doe not print color copies.  


     A scanner is available in the Opelika campus library. Usage options are printing (at $.10, black/white, or $.25, color, per page) or scanning to a flash drive. Users must provide their own drive and currently, we are not charging users to have materials scanned to a flash drive. Be advised that this policy may change at any time. 


     Laminating services are available at the Opelika library. There is a $.25 per page charge to have items laminated. 


        A limited number of laptops are available on each campus for students to checkout to use during the semester; Opelika - 65, Valley - 10, and, Wadley - 20. To borrow a laptop students must:

  • Be financially cleared 
  • Provide proof of enrollment for the requested semester
  • Complete a Laptop Request Form
  • Have a valid student ID card 
  • Not enrolled in on-line classes only

 Laptops are to be returned at the end of each semester by the last day of finals. If the laptop is returned late, there is a fee of $1 per day charged up to $60. If a laptop is damaged or not returned, the student may be responsible for the replacement cost up to $400 and lose their borrowing privileges. If a student need to borrow a laptop for another semester, a new request form is to be completed. There is up to a two day waiting period before students are able to receive a laptop after a request has been made. Laptops are not checked out until the first day of class. The college reserves the right to deny a request.