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Learning Resource Center (Library)

SUSCC Library serves the Wadley, Opelika, and Valley campuses.

Campus Libraries

The Opelika library opened in January 1995 and was renovated in 2019. This state of the art 10,000 square foot facility has a seating capacity of 100 and shelving space for over 30,000 volumes and houses more than 15,000 titles. Opelika's library provides print and electronic materials to support academic and technical programs along with various resources to support the array of programs offered in the Health Sciences Department. 

There are 18 open computers available for student use as well as open tables, some with USB power access. This facility also provides individual study areas, open seating, and two study rooms that hold up to four users. These rooms can be reserved for individual testing needs as well. There is an instructional classroom large enough for 30 students or large study groups. Free WIFI is available for those needing to connect their personal devices to the internet. Lastly, student can receive their IDs during regular hours after 8:30 am. 

The staff includes; the director, a library assistant, two part-time librarians, and a part-time library technician. 


The Valley library opened in 1973 and is 2,486 square feet. The space was renovated in 2022 and offers a welcoming brighter environment. There is a seating capacity of 32 and more than 7,000 titles are housed in the space. There are six tables available for studying, a gathering area, a study room, and four computers for student usage, as well as free WIFI. 

A separate computer lab is housed in the library which students can use when classes are not occupying the space. 

The staff on this campus includes a library assistant and weekly schedule librarian visits to assist with instruction and operations of the facility. The hours of operation are set on the Eastern Time zone.

The Learning Resource Center located on the Wadley campus was constructed in 2015, and is 18,500+ square feet. This structure replaced the long standing McClintock-Ensminger Library. There is a seating capacity of 96 and this main library houses over 40,000 titles and supports the limited collections including collections on Valley and Opelika campuses.

Seventeen computers are available on the main floor for research and class assignments purposes. Three study rooms are available on the second floor along with nine individual study carrels, and a number of tables and seating areas. WIFI connection is also available at no charge. Students can receive their IDs during regular library hours.

The staff includes a librarian, an acquisitions library assistant, and two part-time librarians.