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Learning Resource Center (Library)

SUSCC Library serves the Wadley, Opelika, and Valley campuses.

About Your ID

Students who have paid their tuition and fees are able to obtain their Southern Union Student Identification Card from any of the three campus libraries during hours of service (after 8 am) for that campus library. All students must have proof of paid registration and a picture ID (drivers licenses, military ID, etc..)  when they come to obtain their SUSCC ID card. Only names the student is registered under will appear on the ID card; no shorten versions (William not Will) or nicknames (Peaches) are permitted. Hats, hair or any head coverings that shadows or covers the face cannot be worn when your ID picture is taken. If you have been accepted into a special program (nursing, cosmetology, paramedics, etc.) you should notify the staff member at the time you have your ID taken to ensure the correct information is included on your card. Lost or stolen ID cards that have not expired can be replaced for a $10 fee. Expired ID cards are replaced at no charge to the student. 

Students must obtain a Southern Union Student ID Card from any one of the three libraries prior to purchasing books from the bookstore, borrowing (checkout) materials, or to access reserve items. Additionally, students must have their ID card, not student number, to renew items checked out of the collection.

Currently, ID cards are not available on the Valley campus.