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Speech 107

Speech 107 guide provides assistance to students who are currently in Speech 107.

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Informative and Persuasive Speeches Video

Special Occasion Speeches Video

Most Common Types of Speeches

Informative Speech:  is used to convey information from the speaker to the audience. A perfect example of this would be a college lecture, in which the professor addresses a group of students on a specific subject. It is normally assumed that the orator giving the informative speech knows more about the subject than his/her audience and, if the speaker is successful, the audience will come away knowing more than they did before hearing the speech.
Persuasive Speech:  is intended to get people to do something; change the way they feel or act; believe in something (general or specific); or bring the audience around to the orator’s way of thinking. Persuasive speeches are also often used to reinforce already held beliefs or opinions, expand upon them, or present them in a different or unique light.
Demonstrative Speech: sometimes referred to as ‘how to’ speeches, give the listener not only an introduction to something but also provide them with enough information to be able to utilize that something in a practical way. Very closely linked to (and often used in conjunction with) the informative speech, demonstrative speeches not only inform the audience about something but also demonstrate how that information can be put to use.

Motivational Speech: is a type of speech that is given with the aim of encouraging or inspiring the audience and getting them to do better or improve themselves. Motivational speeches are common in business meetings to encourage employees to improve their performance, in schools to inspire students to do their best in tests, and in sporting events to inspire athletes to give their all.

Entertaining Speech:  The main objective of an entertaining speech is to amuse the audience and provide them with pleasure and enjoyment. To achieve this objective, entertaining speeches are accompanied by funny stories and illustrations, jokes, and other forms of humor. In most cases, entertaining speeches are quite short, lasting just a few minutes.

Special Occasion Speech: is given during special occasions such as acceptance speech, a eulogy, A valedictory speech (also often called a graduation), and a toast.